Some reviewers of online casinos want to nominate Cadoola as one of the best new online casinos of the year. In this review, we will take a closer look at what may have led to this nomination. Could that be their nice welcome bonus? Their loyalty program? Their 10% cash back bonus? Their weekly 15% cash back? Or a combination of all these and their phenomenal range of games? At least one thing we know for sure: their safety is nothing to joke about. Full 128-bit SSL encryption protection makes it safe and secure for you to join the site to play hundreds of different casino games.


With a range of games from a dozen different game developers, the online casino Cadoola promises you a gaming experience that you will soon forget. Here you will find everything regardless of game taste divided into the following main categories: Top List, New, Popular, Slots, Card Games, Roulette, Live Casino, Poker, My Games, Black Jack, Video Poker. The first three categories are perfect if you do not know where to start playing. Then you always get to play the hottest and latest that is in play right then. Under My Games, you quickly and easily add your own discovered gold nuggets that you have found during your stay on the game page!


A deeper look at the range of games, we see that Cadoola would like to highlight table games given their categories such as Card Games, Roulette, Live Casino, Poker, Black Jack and Video Poker. All of these are classic table games that you can play either live (during Live Casino) or against computers. Just under the Card Games category, you will find dozens of different card games in poker, Blackjack, Baccarat and Carribean Stud, among others. An advantage of these is that you can play with lock money first so that you can play risk-free and learn how the games work. When you then feel warm in your clothes and are ready to play for real money to be able to win real money with, you just have to go on to Live casino where you can play against real people in the form of live dealers. Now you also get to mix eye candy with the joy of gaming, considering the attractive people who work behind the gaming tables while they light up when you win the big wins thanks to them!

Slot machines

Although much of the gunpowder has been put on various table games at Cadoola, they do not skimp on Slots for it. On the contrary! They have hundreds of different casino games under the category where you can find all sorts of themes and interesting variations based on your style of play. For example, there are casino games where you can win often but little or you can choose the opposite: where you rarely win but then win a lot once you win. A possible disadvantage of this game category at Cadoola is that they have no jackpot games available.

Live Casinos

It is under the Live casino category that it can get hot! Not only with which table you "sit down" virtually, but also the potential winnings that can be won. Some tables allow you to bet higher than others, which means higher potential winnings once you win. Blackjack, Roulette and lighter poker games can be found under this category.

Table games

As I said, there are many different table games, not only Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker and variants of these but also more odd games like Red Dog, Pontoon, and more. These give you more variance and can spice up your gaming sessions if you start to get bored with more common casino games. Vary your playing times between weekends and weekdays, for example!