Casino Bonuses

If you are new to the world of online betting and are looking for a reliable site to start playing on, you will probably be undecided which online casino to invest your time and money on. This is not a simple choice, because, even if at first glance the various casinos may all look the same, various aspects change between one site and another, such as the variety of games, bonuses and promotions, reliability, portal security and much more. To help you choose the best online casino, our expert reviewers have carefully evaluated and examined hundreds of online casinos, listing the best of 2020 for players in a special ranking.

Before drawing up the ranking of the best online casinos available for players, the Casino staff has personally analyzed and tested, very carefully, all the various promotions offered and, above all, the guarantees that these sites offer for safety. Surely, by reading the list of sites we offer, you will have recognized some well-known names. Many of the online casinos we recommend have been operating in the online betting field for years and for this reason you will have happened to see their advertisements on TV or read somewhere.

Our team, however, leaves nothing to chance. At Casino, we have scrupulously tested hundreds of sites, not only the most famous ones, but also the emerging ones and, therefore, still little known, drawing our conclusions only at the end of a careful evaluation.Operating for several years in the world of gambling, we know how easy it is to see an online casino site born and die in a short time, just as it is very easy to fall victim to scams on the web. The sites within our ranking offer a great variety of games, from the classics to the more modern ones, in order to satisfy the tastes of all players. Furthermore, these are continuously updated and renewed, to always keep up with the market news.

One of the main aspects we assessed is the presence of immediate assistance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this way, for every little difficulty you have, you can request the help of an employee, who will solve your problems or doubts in no time.Another very important aspect that is essential for us is the possibility of enjoying first deposit bonuses and constant promotions, both for new members and for the most loyal players.In the casinos included in our ranking you will have no difficulty in carrying out the steps that from the deposit of the credit will lead you to the withdrawal of the winnings. You will be able to use any payment method, from credit cards, to prepaid cards, to digital wallets such as Paypal and Neteller.