Real Money Blackjack

The goal of real money blackjack is simple: get as close to 21 points as possible. Of course you have to be careful not to go over it, because with a score of 22 points or more you lose from the bank. If you want to try your luck right away, we recommend the Casino: you immediately receive a nice welcome bonus of 300 euros with your first deposit and you can choose from all kinds of blackjack. First further into the depths? You can find the extensive rules here . Dive right in and read about blackjack strategy , the history of the card game or play a game of free blackjack with play money right away. There are many different variants of the blackjack game. We'll start by explaining common real money blackjack terms below.

As with almost any other online blackjack game, it really starts after you have placed your bet. Both physical and online casinos use a minimum bet. Your bet must be equal to or higher than that minimum bet. In a physical casino, the croupier or someone at the checkout (cashier) exchanges your money for chips. In an online casino you deposit money into your account and you can immediately play any game, exchanging money for chips online is fortunately automatic. To bet, first click on the desired value, for example on a chip with a value of 5 euros. Then click one or more times on the betting area where you want to place the bet. When playing at a multiplayer or live table, a clock often indicates how much time you have left to place your bet.

Blackjack is a multiplayer game that you can play at the same table at the same time. You do not play against the other players, everyone plays separately against the croupier. When everyone has bet, each player is dealt two cards. The dealer, dealer in English, deals the cards clockwise, so from left to right. Each player is dealt two open cards. The dealer receives a closed and an open card. The cards have different values, from 1 to 11 points per card. The cards with the numbers 2 to 10 on them have the same value as the numbers on them. An ace is a special card, because the value can be both 1 and 11 points. For example, do you have an ace and a 5 and decide to take a third card? When that turns out badly and you total above 21 points, the value of the bait automatically changes from 11 to 1. This way you prevent yourself from exceeding 21 and automatically lose!

As described earlier, the goal of real money blackjack is to get as close to the maximum number of points as possible. You play against the croupier, also known as the bank or dealer. You win when your cards have a higher value than the dealer's. Do you immediately have 21 points with the first two open cards? Then you have real money blackjack! You will then be paid one and a half times your bet as a win, so on top of your investment.Of course this is not very common and the value of your first two cards is usually less than 21. What do you do with, for example, a score of 14 or 15? You actually want an extra card, but the chances of getting above 21 are significant. This is where game strategy comes into play, which is what makes the game so attractive to most players. You have a number of choices you can make after the cards have been dealt.