Play Online Roulette

You can now play roulette for free before you possibly start playing for real money. Roulette is the most played casino game in the casinos. There are different types of roulette, of which European roulette is the most commonly played. Another variant is American roulette, but we advise you not to play this for real money, because the advantage for the casino is greater. In this form of roulette, the board has two green squares. Roulette is not a difficult casino game to learn. You bet chips on the squares that you think the ball will fall. The croupier spins the roulette wheel and if you bet your chips on the correct number, you win. There are many betting options when playing roulette, for example you can bet on only 1 number, but it is also possible to have a chance on half of all the boxes.

Take a look at the roulette game rules for all information about the betting options and how the game works exactly. Because there are so many options to bet, you would think that it is possible to win from the casino with roulette. This is of course possible in the short term, because roulette is and remains a pure game of chance. If you're lucky, you can make some nice winnings. In the long run, however, no system can negate the casino's advantage. The online casino roulette strategy makes playing roulette more fun and reduces the chance of losing. If you want to try out one of the roulette strategies, we have listed the best-known strategies for you. But don't forget, every spin is a completely new opportunity, so previously played songs don't affect the new spin.

We have already given you two tips for playing roulette, namely: don't play American roulette and remember that every spin is a new chance. But there are many more roulette tips ! These tips will help you enjoy the game more, lose less and have a better chance of winning.If you have mastered playing roulette online, know the rules of the game and have read the tips, you can choose to try it for real money. All online casinos offer roulette. You can also play free roulette at many online casinos. If you only plan to play roulette, don't be blind to the bonuses that the casinos give away, because usually the bonus is not easy to clear with roulette.

Therefore, just choose the casino that suits you best. Play roulette for free on your mobile or tablet with this Netent Touch version of online roulette. It is a simplified version that can also be found in the online mobile casinos. For example, no outside bets are possible except even / odd, red / black and first, middle and last 12 numbers. The minimum bet at Roulette Touch is € 1 and you can bet a maximum of € 500 per spin. If you click on options in the top right, you can still use quick spins, auto play and the same bet.