Live Blackjack

Playing live blackjack with money is the best. If you want to do that for free, it is just as possible to gamble online. The live element is an extra addition and makes the experience much greater. It is also not surprising that the live casinos continue to expand. If you look at the beginning and the present, the range of gaming tables is many times greater. There are also many players who are making the switch from playing online to live blackjack. Or combine that and one time quickly gambles online. Other times there is more time and the player will experience the ultimate live blackjack experience.

It is easy to explain the difference between playing online and live blackjack. The difference is in the entourage and presence of the live dealer. In the live casino, an attempt has been made to create an authentic casino experience. The decor, atmosphere and appearance give you a different experience. When it comes to the rules of the game, there is little difference. Except that in addition to the standard blackjack games, special versions are available at certain gaming tables. However, this is also the case online.

You only enter the live casino with an account. Don't have one yet? No problem. Just select one of the online casinos and sign up. Within a few minutes you are in the live casino. An account also gives access to the option to deposit money. Did you do that too? Then choose a gaming table and start playing live blackjack. Blackjack game rules apply. There are exceptions to this, for example if you choose a special blackjack table. The dealer decides when you can place the bet and you choose from chips. You don't play with money here, but with chips. Have all players placed a bet? Then the game can begin. You have the choice to take a card or not. Or do you already have blackjack right away? Congratulations. With the cards you have, you have to score more points than the dealer.

There is a maximum attached to this. You shouldn't get more than 21 points, because then the game is over for you. The dealer may also have no more than 21 points and must even pass 17 points, for example. Below that, the dealer is obliged to take a card. That does offer opportunities for you as a player to also pass with fewer points. The dealer has a chance to buy himself to death by having to take a card. The card value is easy to remember. Face cards are worth 10 points and the Ace is worth 11 or 1. The own value is stated on the other playing cards. You get two playing cards just like other players. You may score up to 21 points or make sure you have more than the dealer. This is possible with two cards or with an extra card or extra cards.