LHow Live Dealer Casino Works

Live betting at online casinos, or live dealer casinos with another name, is a novelty in the casino world that has become a real success. Playing regular casino games online is fun and exciting, but it can be a bit lonely in the long run to play against a virtual dealer or croupier. The casino feeling will be much better if you play live casino. Live dealer casino is casino for real!

The only difference is really that you see the gaming table and the dealer / croupier through your computer screen instead of in real life. Of course, this limitation also means that you cannot physically place your chips on the gaming table when you want to bet, but the casinos that offer live dealer casino have really done their utmost to make the gaming experience as good as possible. The video image you see on your computer screen is a live broadcast from a TV studio.

You see the dealer / croupier take in the bets and handle the game itself and hear what the result will be and which of the players (hopefully you!) Will take home any winnings. In a special box on the game screen, you make your choices. The dealer / croupier immediately see how you have chosen and places bets, deals cards, etc. according to your choices. In a chat window you can ask questions to the dealer / croupier and chat with other players. When you play live dealer casino, you play together with a number of other players at the gaming table. Most casinos that have games at live dealer casinos offer games of roulette, baccarat and Black Jack.

Some online casinos have also broadened their range with the exciting casino game Sic Bo. Recently, some online casinos have also introduced live dealer casinos. They have simply created their own department for casino games with dealers. So far, it can be said that this is at the trial stage and only applies to a single casino game, but with increased interest, several casino games will certainly be offered with dealers. You do not need any special equipment to play live dealer casino.

Of course, you should make sure that you have the latest audio and video software installed on your computer and that your browser is of the latest version, but otherwise you only need to log in to an online casino that offers live dealer casino and get started. play! If you are missing something called a plug-in or need to update your browser, the casino's software will guide you through the installation process.