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These are simplest bonus conditions has a somewhat smaller bonus of which you get by creating a new account and entering the bonus code casino, and you can also use it as you wish. Other casinos on the list of free bonuses has significant restrictions on which games you can play games such as video poker, blackjack and roulette are either excluded or have significantly higher wagering requirements. Here is an overview of where you can win money without having to deposit yourself. Common to all offers is that you must be over years old and you must not have previously created an account at the casino in question.

Before you start playing, you can find rules and tips for strategies on this page, so you have the greatest chance of winning with your free money. All casinos licensed by the casino gaming authority pay tax to this means that you as a player do not have to pay tax on your winnings. You do not have to report your winnings on your tax return, but can simply keep all the winnings and can use it as you wish. If you play at an online casino without a license in you need to find out where they belong to see if winnings are taxable.

If the casino is based in another country - if they e.g. Is licensed in casinos- you do not have to pay tax on your winnings either. If, on the other hand, the casino has its home outside the eu, e.g. One of the tax havens like curacao or then your gains are taxable and you can read in the next section how to pay taxes. The same applies if you play at real casinos: if the casino is located your winnings are tax-free, while you have to pay tax on winnings won at a casino outside.

Casinos in gambling pay 20% tax on their gross gaming revenue to the online casino gaming state. The gross gaming revenue is calculated as all deposits from players plus all bonuses that the casinos give to the players, minus all the payouts that the casino pays to the players. They therefore pay tax on both their income and on bonuses, even though they themselves pay for the bonuses. They cannot deduct any expenses - these must also be paid from their income after tax on the tax rate will be raised.